Workshop / 01

Build a serverless video sharing website

with Lambda & Serverless Framework

Learn how to build your very own Serverless HTML5 video-sharing website (like YouTube) powered by AWS Lambda, API Gateway, S3, Elastic Transcoder, Google's Firebase, and Auth0. As you build your end-to-end system, you'll also learn about fundamental serverless architectural patterns like Compute as Backend and Compute as Glue. This workshop is suitable for beginners and experts alike (and if you are an expert, we'll be sure to challenge you just a little bit more!)

Workshop / 02

Build a Chatbot With Serverless Framework

with Lambda & Serverless Framework

Everybody loves chatbots, so why not build your own? In this workshop, you'll use AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework to build a serverless chatbot and integrate it with Slack. This workshop is geared for beginners and experts alike: step-by-step guidance and example code will be provided.

Workshop / 03

Event driven security

In AWS with Lambda

Public cloud and serverless architectures present new challenges to traditional approaches to security.

In this workshop, you’ll explore the many ways that serverless components can enhance cloud security for both Serverless and ‘traditional’ AWS workloads. Bridging the security concerns inherent in both traditional and serverless cloud, this workshop is a must for anyone hoping to build secure production systems using AWS technologies.